The Predictive Alpha blog is about quantitative investing focusing on backtesting trading strategies, statistics, machine learning, data-driven research, programming and practical concepts in trading. The goal is to present interesting problems and show how to overcome those based on our experience with quantitative investing.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Studies have shown that factors work better when each one picks stocks rather than when they are all used in one model. Also, 6 to 12 months are usually used for a momentum look back. I’d be curious to see this redone with those changes.


  2. Hi Govind,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Can you please send link to those studies. I would like to read them.

    Yes, 6 and 12 months momentum are normally used, but are they better? The studies you have read did they bootstrap the 6/12 months momentum to get robust statistics not impacted by outliers (something that is an issue in momentum strategies)? Were the studies only on US equities? We will soon launch a series of studies instead momentum/trend-following and here we will go more into details.

    We will run the code again selecting the best from each factor instead of the best from the combined score.


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